Monday, January 2, 2012

Photo: Sunset in the Sky

Sunset in the Sky. January 1, 2012. Photo By: S.

I love the fiery, but nonetheless quiet, drama of sunsets...

...and I have to say that although my flight got delayed to Manila got delayed and we had to hover for almost an hour in midair, I liked the fact that I ended up with a pretty picture (well, pictures, actually. :-)).

Sunsets can be pretty symbolic;  the end of a good day, the prequel to a new one, or it can be just a plain sentimental memory, like maybe a beautiful sunset shot off Rizal Boulevard. But this one's pretty different, because, for one thing, i took it up in the sky.  :-)

How often does one get to catch that?

(At least, not for me, most of my trips have been early in the morning, or in the middle of the afternoon.)


It seems like an unconventional sunset picture...with clouds and more clouds in the horizon. 

I take that as a lucky omen.

An unconventional symbolize an unconventional, but hopefully good, year ahead?

I hope so. :-)

Happy New Year. :-)



Photos by: Me. :-)

Oh, and some family pictures thrown in. Not everyone could make it, though. But doesn't green look totally...funky fresh? :-)

:-) Love. Fun.

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