Saturday, December 17, 2011

Updates please!

I just recently found out that Dumaguete's flooded after a 36 hour rain fall...could anyone send updates, or put up pictures please?

Photo BY Clark Amante.

This was around the Area of Banica River, a pretty small river, 1/3 the size of the one right behind our house... :-( My ma assured me that they were alright, though. The water came in the house a little, but they're cleaning it up now, and people came over to help...

The power is currently out in Dumaguete, and there are some casualties. I hope everyone is ok.

This has never happened before in Dumaguete...I mean, i've lived there most of my childhood and some of my adult life, but there's never been a strong earthquake, a crazy flooding, or anything catastrophic that's ever happened there. until now.

I'm praying everyone is safe and ok now.

Please post more pictures if you can. thank you...



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  1. plsss..update any news from angatan tabuc -tubig area plsss....



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