Monday, December 19, 2011

Flooded playground

So I got to hear from my family that yes, they were all safe, and dry...but it was not the case for some of the people who lived near the river. There definitely were casualties, and my heart and prayers goes out to the families who were affected by the flash floods.

I was news-less. I had no idea what our place looked like, as the news were more focused on Cagayan de Oro and Iligan. I have friends from there, and i'm worried about them too.

My cousin posted pictures of what the flooding looked like, the extent of the damage. This picture below shows the water (these plants were chest-high).

The wooden orchid holders are hip-high...and my cousin's place is like, really huge and wide, but the water from the river still got up to very near their house!

This was one of the places we played in when we were kids...not the gate. it's almost submerged in water!

the water from the river got really huge... actually there's never been a flood this bad in Dumaguete. ever.

look at that. (oh, and in case you're wondering, my tita's orchids survived, funnily enough.)

we grew up playing in a lot of open spaces, so when i saw this, I was just very grateful...that the flooding in the house wasn't as bad. I mean, it's at a lower level than this one, but thankfully, it didn't get any worse than just ankle-deep, or less. 

We used to play here in my Lola's old coconut processor ( what's a Landahan in English?:-))

that cube-like structure is a bathhouse...the water got up to the doorknob, by the way.

the gates...


emphasis not on my cousin's trusty Islanders, but on the mud and river silt that coated everything (we had this in the house too...which people helped scoop out.). Even Shannon Lee, our dog,  had to be taken to my tita's place because they couldn't put her in the house because of the mud.

The strong river current from the mountains took away chunks of the riverbank and some houses . our house is near the river...but not as near as that one. Still, it was pretty scary, as the water from the river had gone all the way up to our house and gotten in. Had it not been for my Pop's "barricade" and quick thinking (and the fact that it happened on a Saturday), I think we would have lost more than my high school stuff and pictures..) :-(

Very thankful that everyone I love, back home is safe. Yes, that I am.



(Pictures taken from my cousin's site, with permission.)

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