Saturday, February 4, 2012

Photo: Hide and Go seek

Hide and Go Seek. February 1,2012. Bocobo,Ermita, Manila.

The streets near where I live have a whole lot of things happening on them... I'd love for one day to just wander around and discreetly snap pictures. They're not all pretty, but they're so rich with people, and all the things they do. 

On the way to "Badminton Wednesday", I came upon this group of kids playing hide and seek...this one was particularly crafty. He had his eyes open the whole time, while he was doing the countdown. :-) And his green slippers that were 4 sizes too big and on the wrong feet? That was the detail that I only noticed afterwards. 

I wonder what his name is...

I think he's an "Oliver", but for all I know, he could be a "John Cena". :-)

(In these streets of endless possibilities, who knows?)



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