Sunday, February 19, 2012

Video: I Wanna Dance With Somebody

I had a hard time sleeping last night... I had been on the couch all day because of the flu, but I couldn't seem to fall asleep. It was the 18th...and for some reason, I was kind of anxious... vicariously so.

At one point, I saw on CNN that Whitney Houston's friends and family were holding a "home-going" service for her, and many of the industry's artists were going to be presenting. In between little naps, I'd gone through announcements, to TMZ's spoofs of Bobby Brown's performance, until finally...I got to the ceremony itself.

"Wow," I remembered saying to myself. There was indeed a lot of love in that room for  Whitney "Nippy" Houston. Kevin Costner's speech was particularly amusing. And so was Alicia Keys' song. Kind of impromptu, but hey, that's talent. 

I grew up on Whitney Houston songs... my earliest one being "The greatest love of all", which my grandmother would let me sing at her CWL meetings when I was a skinny little runt of a kid...and probably the most fun one being the time when I lip-synched to "I wanna dance with somebody" when I was around 6 years old for a kiddie pageant (oh I loved being on stage! :-)). 

My favorite would have to be The Bodyguard's "I Will Always Love You", which up to now, I can still sing from start to end (but only when I'm alone, and only when I'm in a shower-like environment.) ;-)  The Bodyguard was released in 1992, and I was in grade school that time... it was the first movie I watched in the movie theater alone. I remember that it was packed, so i ended up sitting on the aisle. Nevertheless, I thoroughly enjoyed it, most especially "I Have Nothing". :-)

I like "Saving All My Love for You." too.


I loved Whitney Houston. When you're a 90's kid, like me, you can't help but have her songs in your feel-good playlist. She was a familiar voice who always reminded me of home and good times growing up. 

RIP, Whitney.



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  1. You and me both with the flu. :-(

    If we both ever find ourselves in Heidelberg together, we have to hit the 90s party. It is AWE-SOME!



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