Sunday, March 11, 2012

Kimono ken part 2

I found myself picking Kimono Ken for dinner after 3 years...

My friend Sep was in town and wanted to meet up while he was still in town for the Gastroenterology convention in Mandaluyong City. After work, I had to brave the rush hour traffic to get to SM North Edsa (which was "halfway" in between Mandaluyong and Manila...or so we thought.), one of our favorite malls to go to during Board exam review time almost 3 years ago. 

"Where do you want to get dinner? I'm buying," he texted. 

Anywhere was fine with me, but since I had a special attachment to Kimono Ken and Japanese food, I couldn't resist picking Kimono Ken and getting sashimi, or course.

Sep and I had been friends ever since freshman year of medical school (his mom also ended up being my endocrinologist). His girlfriend Precky, a dear friend, was one the first people I ever got to know in Iloilo. She was one of my housemates, I remember that she was the one who taught me the rudiments of speaking in Hiligaynon (the Ilonggo dialect) when I was still..."speechless".  :-) Sep and Precky got together when we were in Freshman year, and I still remember one time when I also got to eat Precky's blueberry cheesecake which Sep made for her. I was a regular, and I regularly got chika updates. ;-)

Back in 2009, when I was reviewing for the licensure exam for doctors, my constant companions and "commuting mates" were Sep and Jade Paul Morin (or "Morin", as we called him). I had review classes in Quezon City, and we had to get here everyday, so naturally, we'd travel on a daily basis. 

That being said, I'm still close to them, and we still try to get together whenever they get to be in Manila (they're doing their training in the province).

So anyway, Sep paid for dinner, and we had the usual. Uni (eel) "tastes like the sea", he said, and Unagi tasted really good. We both agreed that it tasted like fried Bangus Belly. :-) (I ate all the salmon, of course, it's my favorite.)

He obligingly took my pictures when I went loco over the star wars exhibit by Lego, and humored me when I talked about my recent troubles, and work stuff. Sep is almost like a "brother from another mother", or a cousin who calls me "dude" or "pare", and treats me like a sister.

Books, what our classmates were doing now (and why they were doing it), work-related stuff were constant topics. I asked him, "SO, when are you guys getting married, so I can finally attend a wedding in Iloilo? Have you gotten down on one knee and proposed?" (MC, one of our classmates, had gotten married yesterday, but I missed it.)

He chuckled and said that he hadn't yet. I was expecting no less than the usual proposal fanfare, of course.

We ended up hanging out at a coffee shop after dinner (and walking around for most of the night looking for said coffee shop), talking about life, work and relationships (and other people's and classmates' relationships, haha) and read most of the time. He bought an H.P. Lovecraft book , which undoubtedly was a better buy than the book I got for myself after I had read a few chapters. Lovecraft has a way with words. Fine vocabulary, twisty plots and fast action...I thought it was a good buy.


Now, this blog entry is just for light reading, and surely will not change the world in any way, but I just wanted to share that good friends are really good to have, and when you're feeling like less than your best, they can be just the people to talk to.  

He wrote, "Passion has the tendency to burn like the sun and die like embers. I hope and wish that you will never lose your fire." in my book. 

Pretty cool. And no, I don't think i'll ever "lose" my "fire" least, I don't intend to. 

Thanks Sep!


Its always good to see old friends. :-)




  1. Swell, now I have a craving for uni and unagi.

    I wonder if Kimono Ken can fillet Lovecraft's Cthulhu, as well?

  2. oooh sashimi -g



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