Sunday, March 11, 2012

Photos: Lego Star Wars Exhibit

Lego and Star Wars, what a combo! :-)
(I love Lego. My brother and I used to have this pail of Lego blocks that we played with for hours on end when we were kids...and of course, Star Wars was THE Trilogy to watch. )

The model planes were super cool,and realistic...they even had an Anakin Skywalker figure, and droids... Their "hands-off" policy totally ticked me off, as I wanted to hold these Clone Wars ships in my hands. :-p

This here's a poster of Lego Darth, one of my fave Star Wars of course I had to pose. (Isn't he cute?)
This is a cross-wing Fighter, the same one used by Luke Skywalker during the battle with the Death Star scenes. Pretty cool.

Ships from "The CLone Wars"... personally, I haven't watched the Animated movie, but these ships were pretty well-made. Oh, and check out the Obi Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker figures near them.  

The battle of Hoth (in night mode). Check out how "realistic" the storm troopers are. :-)

And so that's me. Like I was saying to my senior, I'm a big kid. I still get excited by anything star wars. :-) (Photo by Sep)

And books! This HP Lovecraft book was really good paired with coffee jelly from Starbucks. (Coffee with something else.) 

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