Tuesday, March 6, 2012

“Teacher, Teacher…”

Dr. Banaag's lecture

My job as a resident entails many responsibilities…quite a variety, actually. I’ve gone from being a program host, to being an errand girl, to being a mouse-clicker for a lecture, and most recently, being a proctor for a modular exam to first year medical students.

There’s nothing to it, really, and I’m not complaining. Where I do my training, they also require us to participate in the undergraduate curriculum, with us residents facilitating some of the activities of the medical students. Last week, I sat in for a lecture with Dr. Cornelio Banaag, on the developmental stages of life. A prominent psychiatrist, he is also known as “The Father of Philippine Child Psychiatry”, and I felt that I could not miss this particular lecture. It was a special lecture…it was videotaped and recorded, as Sir is 76 years old. The coordinators thought that maybe there would come a time when he would not feel well enough to do the commute from Pasig to Manila for lectures, so they decided to make it permanent.

Which is just as well. A Dr. Banaag lecture shouldn’t be missed. All those years of training, and experience really do come out in his lectures. The students were listening in rapt attention, and in the end, he had to field many questions, some of them even pertaining to how he lived his life. They gave him a thunderous applause ( a common practice after lectures) when he concluded the day’s lecture.

(I know I was absorbed…I filled up a lot of pages in my notebook. LOL.)


I think I got carried away… When Dr. Banaag asked me what I thought about his lecture, I enthusiastically answered, “It was very good sir, I was listening the whole time…I even took notes.” He chuckled, and said, “Yes, that is good, but did you think I made an impact on the students?”

(Oops… it wasn’t a lecture for me, I forgot. haha)


I can’t help myself, though. The Eriksonian stages and conflicts have always fascinated me, and I loved how things were both simplified and yet still explained in depth by Sir. And I was sitting in the front row…and it reminded me of medical school all over again.

(side note: I’m currently in the stage of Intimacy vs. Isolation, and I remember this conversation I had with someone a few days ago. I said, “It’ll probably just take a little flick of the finger, and I’m on the Isolation side of the spectrum…” It was partly because of the fact that I couldn’t settle (I was currently busy learning, and squeezing out the juice in life), and the fact that someone I was thinking about already had settled…on settling, on whatever was there…

(My wry thought? Psychiatry explains everything in life, actually.  )



So this morning, I was proctoring the exam again…handing out the examination sheets, watching over the half of the class of 163 (Mia was at another classroom being the proctor for the second half). Dr. Chua, the coordinator, would transfer in between rooms), writing out corrections, getting asked questions, etc. I even had grown-up boys ask me if they could go to the bathroom.

(Dr. DF’s son, a tall, good-looking boy with a mop of dark curls and beautiful brown eyes approached me table in front and placed his test paper and answer sheet in front of me, and politely said that he needed to “visit the washroom”. By all means, do. Smile  My girlie senses tell me that in a few more years, he was going to be one heck of a handsome man, my teacher senses, on the other hand tell me that he was a bright young boy who probably studied hard.)

Anyway, that was that, and it ended 3 hours after it started…which was a good thing I scheduled my outpatient consults to start at 11AM.



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