Sunday, May 13, 2012

My Ma, the Wikipedia

My Ma is a regular wikipedia of life lessons

Important stuff like,

1. Always save for a rainy day (I try, I do..)
2. A real lady waits for the gentleman to sweep her off her feet (And not ask, "Do you like me?")
3. Little goals should be reached first before the big ones ('You've got to be realistic')
4. That prayer is always important. (Believe me, I do.)

including mundane stuff like,

> how to open a checking account (hehe)
> how to properly cook a scrambled egg (uh-huh :-p)
> which top looks better on me when the choice comes down to two...
> or even, "Waaah...I feel so ugly! (recent bout with the chicken pox)

:-) At this ripe old age of...25 ;-), I still have a direct line to my mother who's always there for me, for basically anything.

And even though I like to think of myself as a badass woman of the world who can hold her own in any battle, any heartbreak, any disappointment that life has to offer, I still consider myself terribly lucky to have someone I can call, someone I know who loves me for me, and is willing to hear me out, rant after rant, kilig moment after kilig moment, blooper after blooper.


Thanks Meme, you're the best! :-D



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  1. We'd be so lucky if we grow up even half as wise as our moms ;) But then, they raised us, so we should. *PRESSURE* Haha.



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