Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Maybe you don't have to analyze so much...

One time I told some boy a dream I had (he was also in it.)

And he said Analyze it.

I think I've been overworked...I want to take a load off and try to think of something else. Some thing that I actually enjoy doing, but I can't...

I'm too wound up, and when I do think of why I am wound up or why I should do something else, I tend to get dizzy and confused... I just handed in a paper, and because I was so tired, with spirit broken and all, I immediately thought to myself, "Oh, this is trash. This is shit. Pure and simple. This will never make it..."

And then I thought about how you should always believe in yourself, and how negative thoughts will perpetuate negative attitudes... so I ended up with another headache. I just want to keep still, alright and not do anything work-related for a while.

(Everyone else is asleep.)

Maybe I should do it too.... But I can't seem to make myself stop and sleep a few winks.

There is too much at stake.

(What do I do, that would be helpful right this very minute?)



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