Sunday, July 1, 2012

Photo: Early morning bookworms

The early morning bookworms. February 2012. Ermita, Manila

Sometimes, early in the morning, I purposely wander over to this roadside book vendor (a.k.a. "Alika-Book" to see if there were new titles that I would like. They're pretty cheap, and once or twice, I find a title that I can't seem to let go of, and then I buy it.

One morning, I chanced upon these two ladies who were also avid readers...and we launched into an impromptu book discussion, which was totally great. Instant learning from the street, I'd say.


The lady in the middle has a son who was also a doctor, and she liked the fact that I was interested in photography...and that my life wasn't solely revolving around medicine. :-)

 I bought a book at that time, too. Always a good memory attached to a buy whenever I get one.

Now these are nice surprises in the mornings. 

much love, 


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  1. is that a chuck palahniuk book i'm seeing? the yellow one 2 places to the right of that murakami book?

    can you buy me those murakami books? how much is it?

    lahat ng sentences ko questions. haha. i'll see you soon doc!



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