Saturday, July 14, 2012

Photos: Everybody Loves Gen!

Gen, one of the my friends from medical school, the birthday girl, celebrates her birthday with dinner at Italianni's...and yummy cake from Theobroma!

Almost everyone was there, including "The Three Amigos", Vick, Tope and Chamie! :-D

Some of us girls; Gen, Kuai, moi and Jenai.

Gen slices her cake!

That vegetarian pizza was something else... well, she was on a diet, and the health kick was pretty obvious in the food we ordered. Love Italianni's! :-D

Floyd  does her souvenir photo for her birthday!

Phillip and Jerry...:-p

Now THIS is chocolate cake. Theobroma, thou art <3. :-)

The girls in dresses (per request of the birthday girl).

[One of the many] Faces of @flipadfoot.

Good conversations all around.

Tired, but definitely happy. :-) 

:-) Happy birthday, Gen. May true love and the happiness it brings find its way to you... :-)

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