Friday, July 20, 2012


Earlier today, I was walking in the mall with a friend to get to a dinner in a restaurant with a bunch of people after work (but it was still work-related somehow). I noticed a group of guys at a table look in our direction while we were talking to our table.

Me: (Later when we were seated) Hey man, do you know those people?
Friend: Which ones?
Me: Those guys on the front table...Friends of yours from school?
Friend: No, why?
Me: Well, they were looking at us when we came in. I thought they were looking at me, and then i thought maybe you knew them...
Friend: (smiles) No, they were looking at me, and thinking what a lucky guy I was, 'cause you were with me.

(Haha. high five, dude pare. :-))

yon ang linya.




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