Saturday, July 21, 2012

Video: Magic Mike Trailer

Lovelle and Pearl, my coresidents were talking about watching this hot new movie earlier tonight... I wanted to watch it with them after dinner, but I ended up not doing it, and going home right after. <-- I wanted to sleep so bad after a long day of screening patients. (Intense all day work often leaves me drained.)

But anyway, while we were talking about it, I joked about it, and told one of my coresidents, RG, "Hey man, we're watching this later, you want to come with us?" He laughed and said something, and then goes on to ask another coresident, Joff, "Joff, Magic Mike daw o. Sama ka, pare?"

And Joff gives this funny look, as if to say, "are you kidding me?" and it was so funny we all laughed.

Anyway, Magic Mike....what a man.




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