Saturday, September 13, 2014

Thoughts (and Baby Kracken)

It's another one of those rainy nights in Manila. We get them a lot, and it really doesn't bother me anymore. For the whole 4 years that I have been here, it has only flooded once near where I live.

(Thank heavens for that.)

My apartment is right near the hospital and I mostly spend time in the on-call room anyway. It almost seems like I'm married to my work, but when I'm here, however, I mostly am doing both. Work and play...because everything gets so tedious, and you just want to be close by to what you need to do.

I am having trouble finishing my work and thus I need to get my thoughts out on paper... Writing isn't fast enough for me though. My thoughts are diarrheic, and they are most of the things that I will worry about in the month to come. I am in trouble. So many things to do, and so little time.

I can't bring myself to get started, though.

For some reason, I went to my favorite online source, and googled, "How to get a clearer mind"...

I got a listing of articles on "how to think clearly..." or "how blogging helped me organize my life..." Those kinds of sites. Anyway, there was this interesting one that I clicked and it said that, if one was stuck, one should write down everything in one's mind... and then arrange them later.

These ideas or thoughts should be written down under columns of  "To be done, " "Maybe later", and "delete". So ok, hmm... let's give this a go.

(Take note that this is only an exercise, and not all of what I am going through right now.)

> To be done:
     - the medicolegal reports
     - the protocol
     - organizing my desk
     - fixing my file drawer

> Maybe later
     - the new official blog i'm doing for work
     - the schedule of activities
     - the census (although this should be the one that goes first.)

> Delete
     - The gnawing feeling of fear that's building up in my chest.
     - The suggestion to watch a movie (Rorouni Kenshin) on the 24th (haha.)
     - writing someone a letter...and then sending it by mail.
     - working out and jogging daily.
     - planning for a writing extravaganza
     - sleeping 8 hours every night.

I really actually feel like I've turned into a scatterbrained, frightful bore...

(I'm even boring myself with this entry... I don't have much to do these days, but immerse myself in work. *tears* And of course, I can't talk about my patients. :-))

This will all be over and through in October, and then after that, we'll have to work on something else.

Please pray for me and my coresidents. We will be going through a whole lot of hardship and examinations in the next month. May we all come out victors.



One of my favorite babies now...

That's Baby Kracken, Chamie and Tope's new baby (born September 11th, 2014). She's a darling. :-D




  1. One step at a time, you'll get it done!!!
    I've used an A (must do), B (maybe do). C (do if everything else is finished) approach. But I'm having a problem now. Too many of my Cs are considered As by my organization's director. Very frustrating.

  2. Your blog is alive again! :D I've missed reading it.

    Anyway, I know how you feel. And I think you're on the right track listing down the things that you need to do. I find that it calms you in a way. While there's no assurance that you'll be able to do everything on that list, it somehow gives you a sense of being organized and all.



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