Sunday, October 5, 2014

The happy bunch

Blogging and Supernatural.

Two of my favorite activities when I can't sleep early in the morning...  My screen is actually split in two right now... Supernatural on the left, and my writing on the right....

(I love both Dean and Sam to bits, I could never pick between the two fine specimens.:))

The past few weeks have been mostly about working for the accreditation, with late nights and no coffee... someone has to think up new ways to keep awake. 

(Back story: one of my coresidents snapped the tube off the water dispenser thing, and we haven't had hot water for coffee for the past few days. It was a good for laughs, though, so no one minded very much.)

It was a mad rush to do some stuff...which we should have done earlier in the year, but it had just been too busy for all of us...we had many things that we needed to do during the year itself. Yet, for many of us, we learned the lesson like we should. 

Preparation is (or was) key. 

All went well, thankfully. We had to deal with documentation, and questions on lectures and supervision, but otherwise, at the end of the day, we were able to know the lessons we needed to learn.

The consultant who was assigned to us , after talking about the serious stuff, made a comment about how he loved Dumaguete City so much, and how he was going to settle and retire there. 

(I've been hearing this from so many other people in the past. I think they come to Dumaguete, and fall in love with it. It's home too, and most of the time, I know that I will go back....but for now, I'm having the time of my life here. right here.)

To sum it all up, we can never get back the time we've lost for now having supervision, but for a very nicer note, they noted that we were a happy bunch of residents...

(And in life, and residency, when times can get really tough, that matters a lot.)

Or am I just waxing sentimental? haha.



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