Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Lucky Raisins

Last night, i felt like having raisins.
And before we knew it, karen's got back scratches...

The dinner plates got smashed...

The bookshelf got ripped off the wall...
It was an uneventful night at first. One minute, i was just getting up to get raisins to eat while reading, from my shelf and walking over to Lisha's drawers to get her scissors to open the packet. There was a creaking sound and before we knew it, BOOM! the bookshelf just came crashing down, with heavy books and all. (Too bad I didn't get to take a picture of it. )
Karen, who was sitting nearest the sink and under the bookshelf only missed getting squashed by a few inches (A few seconds earlier, I had been standing under it, looking for my box of raisins)! She got scratches from some of the books falling on her back. She wasn't seriously hurt, but, if we had moved the table a little closer to the sink (like we usually do), something really serious would have irreversible spinal cord injury or severe head trauma perhaps? Those were heavy is enough to knock you out, seriously.
I'm trying not to think that it was an ominous was probably just a freak accident and we were lucky to have escaped getting seriously hurt.
The landlady would have no right to take away our deposits for the damage...the bookshelf was shabbily done, after all, nailed to the wall using 8 cement nails and cement. Geesh.
What the wall looked like after we moved the shelf out.

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  1. looking first at the pictures, i thought you'd say it's a cat fight. hehehe.

    it was a freak accident though i'd entertain connections, ehem.

    the best connection is to connect the freak accident to a very difficult high-yield health concept such as the plexuses. hehehe. bet it will serve you.



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