Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Manila, Day 9

Hello world!

Before anything else, I’d like to give a big belated happy birthday Hi and Hello to my old friend Chules who celebrated her 28th, and my cousin Christian, who celebrated his 29th (plus 5? Hehe!). He’s in Cubao, and probably had a big party, which I more or less…missed out on.


Today is my 9th day in Manila (yes, that fast), and I’ve been to both review centers, Dr. Toom’s “Cracking the Boards” Review Center as well as to the UST Medical Board review classes as a, well, a visitor.

Actually, they have signs where they have say “No ID, No Entry”, but from what I’ve observed in the last few days, that’s not a strict ruling. I’ve got it down pat, and I think that basically, if you act like you belong there, there’s a good chance that you can pull it off. :-p Why, one time, I even had one of the guards greet me, “Good Morning, Ma’am”, with matching smile pa, as they let us through. Hehe. He couldn’t have possible known that I was just a visitor, that I was using my roommate’s ID and that I didn’t pay the Php 12,500 review tuition fee.

Like I always say, “sa pag-carry lang man na ah”. I kinda feel a bit guilty whenever I go there in my free time, thinking it’s unfair to those who paid the tuition in full, but my friends tell me that it’s no biggie because not everyone attends anyway. People just pick who they want to listen to…otherwise, they just pack their bags and go home to read on their own. And besides, I don’t get any of the handouts anyway. That would be overkill. :-p

(There, guilty feelings, begone! )

One of our reviewers said that during review time, we should be like sponges…absorbing every little tidbit that comes our way when we prepare for the board exams…which we will promptly forget once they’re over in August. ;-p That was cute. I feel “spongy”, though, during these review lectures…I’m usually in the front-ish part, 4th row center, and I lean forward every time, hanging on to the speaker’s every word. Like last time, we had a neuro-psychiatrist (or was he just a psychiatrist who gave a lecture in neurology?) who lectured, and being the neuro-psychiatry freak that I am, I was leaning forward in my seat, craning my neck, and making eye contact whenever he’d be asking questions/making statements in our direction.

I even got to ask him after the lecture. Olanzapine (Zyprexa), an atypical antipsychotic was good for negative symptom schizophrenics because it delayed brain degradation. Hehe. That, I learned, and other interesting stuff besides. :-D


You know, I’m actually enjoying all this study time I’m having. It’s blissful to not have to worry about anything else, but just learn and relearn.

To not be under any pressure, to not have to worry about other people, and to have economic freedom…hehe, it’s almost like a vacation. I’m just taking it easy…currently, my life is all about the board exams. I’m not entertaining any hanky panky, or anything unnecessarily taxing, these days, by choice.


Well, I better get back to work…a big Gracias to my classmate Morin who loaned me his laptop so I could do my “necessary vice” , blogging. My 11 year-old refurbished Fujitsu , which I brought with me here in Manila, (a second-hand laptop from my Kuya Pete, which Pop put an XP OS in) has finally breathed it’s last.

I think, more than anything else, I would need a new laptop. Need. Not want. J Anyway, I’m pretty optimistic, it could work.

I’m channelling Rhonda Byrnes’ “The Secret” vibes now. Haha. (May the Universe hear my call for a new laptop...”OOohhhmmmm…Ohhh…)

Hehehe. Jk.


Ok, back to the books.

Anyway, check out my pics.

Have a nice day, everyone!



  1. Hey. If you see a street named after me take a photo and send it to me. :D

  2. Enjoy your review 'vacation' hehehe :-)

  3. haha. i'm reminded of a post where i tried to challenge rhonda byrnes.

    take it easy and keep all the mnemonics handy, write them down. even if you have read all, you will do repeat readings.

    dare i say, you need to top the boards so that we your fellow tbr bloggers can drop ur name! go, go, go.



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