Saturday, June 25, 2011

Dencio's and the Hangover

No, i didn't do anything bad of over the weekend. (The title is not related.)

Just had my cousins stay with me for a couple of days.

My cousin Lemuel (who just got back from Japan on a training grant (he's an engineer)) was feeling generous, so he took us all out to grill dinner. He wanted Gerry's Grill, so I said..."Hey, I know where that is!" 

And when we got there....the place turned out to be a Dencio's. haha . My bad. 

That's my cousin Lemuel, and his fiance Patricia, who's also an engineer. She's going to be a lawyer soon, too. So my cousin goes, "You know, we're very lucky, our kids will be both good-looking (at this, he raises his eyebrows up and down), and smart (and then he looks at her.).  :-p 

lol... sorry, but it sounds better in my dialect when we say it.

Oh, and we had sisig and crispy pata, and sinugba...until we could barely stand up.


And the clincher?

We watched Hangover II afterwards. 

:-) Such fun!



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